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Donaciones Corporativas

Te invitamos a sumarte a nuestra amplia red de colaboradores.

Having the support of companies that contribute their professional products and services, both for the projection, construction, and maintenance of our programs is essential for our operation.

If you want to support us there are different instances for it:

Donations in kind

Donations in kind are those that instead of contributing cash, contribute goods or services. There are different companies that can support us and give us this benefit to support work in the Family Rooms, administrative area, UPM Supplies and / or support us in our events.

Donations with the core of your company

If your company specializes in a certain area that can provide us with the knowledge and expertise , we are happy that you give us that support.

Money donations

Why is it important to donate money to our Foundation?

  • At the foundation, we build, enable and administer wards within public hospitals in the country, which requires a lot of administrative work and input costs. Moving and operating our Mobile Pediatric Unit also requires fixed costs that without the contribution of donations it would not be possible to support more than 68,000 families annually.
  • With a donation from your company, the foundation has a secure income to operate its programs.
  • You can always ask our states or Fecu Social for transparency.
  •  We have a donation certificate under article 46 DL 3063.

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